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History of Kabarovsky Jewellery House began in 1999, when Viktor Kabarovsky founded the company, is engaged in production and distribution of wedding rings with diamonds. Subsequently, the production was expanded and built distribution system has made possible the delivery of products in all regions of Russia. Now the company, decorations which are always in demand not only in our country but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China, continues to develop and starts each year in the production of hundreds of individual decorations, as well as at least 15 thematic collections - which is unprecedented for the world jewelry.

Kabarovsky is one of the most creative and technologically advanced of brands jewelry industry of modern Russia. We transform a dim cold metal in bright, shiny jewelry that give people pleasure and happiness. Our masters are considered to be one of the best in the industry, and our products are always executed with excellent quality and stylish design.

Impressive mood
«Happy Cat»
Your talisman for luck
Diamonds of the star sky
Shades of your style
«Bless and Save»
Your symbol of faith.
«In Your Embrace»
Together and forever
«# Status: Engaged»
Your long-awaited happiness.
«Dance of butterflies»
A dream that won’t fly away!
«Perfectum Viridis»
You're mystery of eternal spring.
«Crosses with hot enamel»
Your symbol of faith.
Jeweller geometry.
«Diamond Tropic»
Your exotic impressions
You're not sad about the past.
Your brilliant debut
«Angels and Demons»
You're light. You're passion.
«The Song of the Swallow»
You give hope.
«Dark Alleys»
Along the paths of Bunin's heart
Caribbean travel.
Natural perfection
Pages of Russian soul.
Precious geometry.
You fancy protest.
«The Little Prince»
Collection – fairytale, collection – heritage, collection – message.
Your an awakening passion
«The Rose of Tudors»
You obey only your whims.
«Reflection of heaven»
Are you in the twinkling of stars.
«Wonder Winter Forest»
Your fairytale.
«Diamond jeans»
Your temptation.
Your a memories of summer
You arrest sights
Enliven the cold metal
«à-la tattoo»
Youth fashion Z
«Precious Tenderness»
You're very femininity.
You give love.
Your searing beauty
«Golden Masquerade»
Which mask you try on?
«Venetian night»
You're in the spotlight
«Spring in Provence»
Your natural inspiration.
«Unusual gift»
Girl's Best Friend ...
«Man's play»
You're bring good luck.
«Double heart»
One soul for two
«Tears of Angels»
Your pristine beauty
«French Kiss»
Your a little adventure
«Myriad of stars»
Part of your universe
Your Guardian Angel
Take care of you my talisman.
«Heart is not a stone?»
You feel
Your a strict elegance
«Your season»
Unpredictable mood.
Color of your love
The perfect wedding image
«Watercolors of Provence»
Jewelry artwork
The whole world reflected in you
«Together with Dolphins»
Your a loyal satellite
«Tasty Summer»
Colour of your mood
«Woman's happiness»
Your a precious secret
«Evening cocktail»
Not accidental gift from above
«World of hobbies»
Part of your life.
In the power of contrasts
«Resort Romance»
Memories of the finest
«Silver Safari»
Your a wild nature.
Breath of Nature.
«Your beloved pet»
Little best friend
Memory of Ancestors
«Color Mix»
Iridescent sentiment
«Silver Jeans»
Your a fashionable trend.
«Heart of the Sea»
You won't become familiar
Light of new day
«Funny Winter»
Simple wonders
«Young Look»
Freedom of your style
«Silver Flame»
Palette of your mood
The unity of opposites
Magic of gemstones
Your dreams will come true.
Precious temptation
Your a secret of success
antique motifs