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Kabarovsky is proud to present to you a new exclusive collection of Russian orthodox crosses crafted with the use of glass enamel and diamonds.

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Along with the tribute to history and culture of our Motherland the inimitable sense of taste is closely intertwined with an impeccable style — harmony between fashion and traditions is in every piece of this wonderful collection.

For people practicing orthodoxy, the cross they bear on the chest is a personal shrine, a way of constant connection with God and other believers, a symbol of aspiration for spiritual and aesthetic integrity. Since the beginning of time a chest cross was obligatory for every Christian. During the sacrament of baptism a cross was put on a newly-baptized (if a child — a few weeks after birth), it meant acceptance to the orthodox community. It became one of the main personal religious shrines. Historically chest crosses acquired two main functions: a function of a protective amulet of a believer (his soul and health) and a decorative function.

Famous jeweler, a talented cross crafter Jury Fedorov from St. Petersburgh considers that for many centuries during which there was a custom of depicting, worshipping and wearing crosses were no known established canons regarding their form, iconography, inscriptions and décor. Yet the flowering of national Russian tradition of chest cross crafting was not only in the variety of new forms but also in the establishment of a distinctive compositional unity: on one side — elements of form and on the other — Christian and auxiliary iconography (ornamental motifs) and inscriptions.
Ornamentation not just complements but emphasizes and uncovers a profound meaning of the picture. All innovations do not only contradict orthodox devotional art but continue the tradition.

It is the rich history of cross crafting, variety of forms and styles as well as the flair of our Motherland that inspired us for creation of this wonderful collection! Once you become the owner of one of this wonderworking crosses, You will not only get a mighty protector but also will be able to emphasize your image with a fancy item!

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