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Kabarovsky invites you to make an amazing journey through the shady paths of summer alleys! Leave all your thoughts and worries for a while, and just allow yourself to dream a little.

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Inspiration for the creation of the collection «Dark Alleys» was the same-named cycle of short stories by the outstanding classic of Russian literature, Ivan Alekseevich Bunin. Imagine, the XIX century, an open terrace in the parental estate far from the dusty city, July noon, but under the shadow of age-old oaks fresh and not hot at all. You stroll in the company of a handsome officer on the cobbled paths of the old garden and talk about literature, painting and about distant countries. The heart is warm and calm, and the heart is filled with love for this place and for everything that is happening around. Probably everyone loses himself in these dark alleys...

In the plot of each precious set, elements of atmospheric descriptions of nature are laid with which the author decorated these stories: a summer gazebo in the depths of an old park, golden archs of which are covered with ivy, a delicate flower garden with delicate violets around which flew butterflies and a small pond surrounded by bushes of fragrant lilies of the valley. The air is filled with sweet silence, and peace is disturbed only by the noise of foliage and the soft noise of rare dragonflies. With the help of saturated colors of hot enamel, dotted with drops of diamond dew, the masters of Kabarovsky were able to convey the beauty of this place, so that each time you touch these ornaments, you were carried by the soul to the very gazebo on the paths of dark alleys.

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